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A1 Pools KY is your number one go to place for the best pool services, all the while offering services to Louisville and the surrounding counties.

Whether you need hassle free pool repairs or a safe and competent pool installation, Poolsky has it all. From liner replacements to inground pool maintenance, opening and closing of pools during summers and winters, our staff is highly qualified and trained to assist you in a convenient yet precise manner.



We are offering quality services to all things pool related. So if you find yourself imagining a pool, but don’t know where to start. A1 Pools KY is the way to go. From highly qualified plumbers to expert technicians and architects, we have everyone ready to keep your pool clean and operational. Because we believe that building a pool is more than just digging the ground and filling it with water. It is a self-produced oasis or paradise which one uses to relax, have fun, and at the same time raise the aesthetics and value of your house. You need it perfect, you need your new pool crafted beautifully and working perfectly. Our team works hard, day and night, to give you the pool you deserve that will add value to your life and your property for as long as you own your home.

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Pool Installation

Our highly skilled workers and technicians carry out every single step with precision. That means, if the service needed is installation. Then, let us bring your imagination to life by crafting you a pool of your dreams!

Repair & Maintenance

If you already have a pool but are in desperate need of its maintenance or repairs, A1 Pools KY will be there to provide you with reliable service because you and your pool deserves the best. You need us more than you think you do, every pool consists of materials and electronics that are complex and need regular maintenance.

Cleaning & Remodeling

Our workers will check out every detail in your pool and fix even the tiny dentures that many usually ignore. They will clean and service your pool and transform it into a brand new one. So, if you’re looking for the best pool repair services in Louisville KY, A1 Pools KY is there for you.

Liner Replacement

A1 Pools KY also specializes in providing you with easy liner replacement for your pool. Our experts will examine your liners carefully then analyze which particular liner goes best with your pool. After this, they will fix what’s broken or in this case replace the messy with the easy and give you a pool with capable liners.

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You can trust that your pool is in the right hands with our trained and uniformed pool professionals.

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A1 Pool KY’s local pool techs complete our nationally-recognized training, focusing on quality.

Customizable Maintenance Plans

Our plan options are tailored for your lifestyle and budget and are followed up with a detailed.

Easy Pool Install

The best time to service your pool or install it is during spring or fall.  In order to make sure we can accommodate you, please get on our recurring Pool maintenance schedule. This means that before closing off a pool for harsh winters, our certified pool technicians will check every pump, every tube and all the inlets. A proper lubricating bath will be given to the machinery, after which leakages and other things will be checked and repaired. The skimmers will be inspected and the drains will be unclogged in case of unusual debris. The tiles will be polished clean and finally the closing shaft will be put on it. This way when the pools are reopened in the coming season, there is no damage done and the maintenance required for reopening your pool is free and easy.  At A1 Pools KY, the opening and closing of the pool is done in a systematic manner, by our trained professionals, and the only responsibility of the owner is to enjoy their investment!

“ In 30 years my pool has never looked as clean and clear. Very happy with this company ”

Danu Cd Designation

“ I have been very pleased with Poolcare service of my swimming pool. i Never feel like new before ”

Harum Murdik Designation

" Thank you for your great service. Your pool service is very reliable and wonderful.I would definitely recommend you to my friends "

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Why Choose Us

We are your most reliable pool service company in Louisville, KY. When the pool is reopened, all the pipes and pumps are lubricated again and fixed to make sure it runs without creating much trouble for you. Similarly, by ignoring the pool for a long time, animals or debris may leave the drains clogged, or the skimmers again become full of garbage. High pressure winds dirt the pumps. With A1 Pools KY, you don’t have to worry about all this stuff.

All you’ll have to do is dial their number and they are ready to serve you in the best way possible. The team will send a member for inspection and soon the process will begin. Since our team services and installs pools in Jefferson County, Oldham, Nelson, and Bullitt Counties, as well as Southern Indiana too, A1 Pools KY is always nearby ready to help. 

Call or email us to set up a no obligation discovery session.  Let us know what you want and our designers will create a rough draft and is the beginning of turning the pool of your dreams into reality. Our expert pool installers will walk your property, examine the landscape and features, then recommend the product and features that will work best according to your design and budget. We are reliable pool contractors, responsible, conscientious and promise to deliver an outstanding product and pool service to earn your trust and gain you as a loyal customer for many years to come.

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Meet us in person, email or phone us at your convenience and we will be there waiting for you to make a decision that will ultimately increase the value of your property and increase your enjoyment with family and friends.  This is a decision you will never regret.  You can not put a price on the experiences, friendships and family bonding moments that will occur in or around your new pool.

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