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About A1 Pools ky

A1 Pools KY is a company which is founded by Mike Colvin for the residents of Louisville KY and the surrounding areas. The company specializes in providing the people with best pool and spa services. With a skilled team at its beck and a talent to bring ideas to life, Mike aims to provide communities with luxury pool and spa services.

The company provides inground pool installs, liner replacements, repairs and opening or closing of pools during summers and winters. The aim of the company is not only to construct or maintain quality pools but it is to create a healthy relationship with its clients based on pure hard work, dedication, reliability and trust. The company strives to etch itself into the minds of people so that, the word ‘pool’ turn up in a conversation, A1 Pools KY is right beside it.
The company prides on its skilled employees each having different roles to operate on. Every worker has a specific job and nobody is burdened beyond their need. This is why every employee works with precision in their respective area and the overall result prospers the entire team.


Our Vision & mission

if you’re looking for someone to help you in installing, maintaining or repairing a pool, you need only contact us and relax while we work out everything for you!


With change becoming a part of our lives everyday, it is only natural to rethink the type of pools one need. There are multiple features now available to make your pool experience a comfortable and happy one. There are great complex designs available to give you the most unique look of all and raise the value of your house. 


A1 Pools KY has it all and will provide it to you anytime you want. So whether its an infinity pool you’re after or the guitar note, the workers at Pools KY know all. If it’s the jet skies you require for your pool or multiple pumps to give it a great effect, the company will provide and leave no room for disappointments.

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A1 Pools KY is not only efficient in installing new pools, it will also revive your already present pool and give it the spark it needs. From checking the chemical balance of water to cleaning your filters or maintaining your overall pool, Pool KY will help you with everything. The company will work in such a manner that your property doesn’t suffer damages and if there is a slight indication of damage, it will work out every possible solution to eliminate it.