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How many times have you dreamed of lazily lounging on a float, sipping a drink say iced tea or anything else, while the sun is out high, in a pool present in your backyard? If we’re honest, we’d claim guilty multiple times!
Having a pool in your house is not only fun or modern or even valuable but therapeutic for a variety of reasons.
But naturally, every beautiful fantasy comes at some cost and in this case, your dream pool will require effort, precision and accuracy so you can make that big dive.
Our team at A1 Pools KY, ensures you your perfect pool charged with every possible feature you can want and within a time frame of say two to three months!

Choosing a design

Choosing a design is a mandatory step in installation of your pool. Our team can provide you a variety of layouts based on the construction of your house, possible landscape of your backyard and an applicable accessory to your overall space. There are architects present to help you out with your desired shapes and designs. There will be 3D figures drawn and shown before finalizing. And when you’re completely satisfied, we’ll move on to the next part: digging!

We Help You Choose The Best Design

You can get help from our experts in choosing the right design for your pool.

We Complete This Process With Safety

After the design has been completed, the next step is digging.


Digging is the second step which takes place as soon as the design is complete. The heavy machinery required for the excavation process is provided by our team and is executed in a manner, harmless to the rest of the house.


The pool installation louiseville ky, works best by going through every phase slowly and accurately. During the dig, extra layers are formed so as to accommodate later on, should the need arise. Because once the steel is installed, your pool is fixed. Steel installation is the backbone of your pool. The stronger the steel, the sturdy your pool. Our team specializes in choosing high quality steel which does not corrode should water levels sink through it neither alters its properties because of the climate. Try us and you’ll see for yourself.

Steel Installation Is The Backbone Of Your Pool

Our team specializes in choosing high quality steel which does not corrode should water levels sink through it neither alters its properties because of the climate. Try us and you’ll see for yourself.

Plumbing & Electrical Setup Is An Important Process

With this feature, you can add anything you would like in your pool, such as pumps and pressure jets.

Plumbing and electrical

The heart of your pool lies in plumbing and electrical setups. A thorough examination process will be first carried out by our experts. The location for main hole, liners and decks will be affirmed. Then, the main plumbing part will start by our experts using a variety of tool and techniques. Here you can add in every feature you’d like in your pool like pumps, pressure jets etc.


With the main skeleton ready, now all that is left will be the decking of your pool. Our team usually takes a day or two to check the previous mechanisms. The concrete is set by carefully judging the quality of cement and other materials. Appropriate screening is done so as to ensure a sturdy level.

Concrete Is The Decking Part Of Your Pool

With A1 Pools KY, at your beck, you can only sit back and relax as you watch your pool come to life.

We Are The Best Pool Installation Experts

Whatever the issue, A1 Pools KY offers the best pool repairs in Louisville KY and the surrounding areas.

Final Installation

When the surface is completely set, water properly sanitized and plumbing working perfectly, our team will finally declare the job done. With the main part over, all that is left is shining up the surface, putting up tiles around the corners to enhance landscape and finally adding in the quality checked water. The pool is now ready for you to make that splash in!

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